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17/04/2013 - Action 3 : Shuntage

In order to confirm or refute the first results of the "shuntage" done on SNCF Laboratory with the material developed during the project, a new test campaign was led by Deutsche Bahn (DB Systemtechnick GmbH).
The tests were carried out following the same procedure as the Railway Testing Agency.
During these tests, the samples were also presented values ​​beyond the limits
set by the RP33.
Tests conducted at the DB confirm those obtained AEF.
Composition, developed during the project were tested "shuntage test" twice. Then
both trials, the samples were presented values ​​above the limit values
defined in the RP33. Th grades are not suitable for "shuntage".
Under these conditions, the proposed grades (Study 4 and Study 5) can not be
UIC approved.
In order to understand the phenomena implementation during "shuntage", Faiveley
Transport Gennevilliers decided to launch an R & D partnership with the University
to improve their knowledge and skills on testing "shuntage".
Once this step fulfilled, Faiveley Transport Gennevilliers use knowledge developed before and during the project Decibell to offer blocks, suitable for shunting at the International Union of Railways.

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